World War 3 Predictions – What’s in Our Future?

A third world war has been mentioned a lot in the media recently and has been trending on social media. The thought of another world war is terrifying, and many people have plenty of questions about it.

Below we will explore…

  • When Will World War 3 Start?
  • Nostradamus Predictions on WW3
  • Anxiety Regarding a 3rd World War
  • Anxiety Coping Mechanisms

When Will World War 3 Start?

Answering this question is a little difficult. It is hard to predict when, and if, a 3rd world war would occur.

Often times, our fear and anxiety may cloud our judgment completely in a situation like this. Therefore, we may fear what we don’t know for sure.

As a nation, we can only know once it is declared by the government and the news breaks out in the media.

However, the government is notorious for keeping things private from the public in order to maintain order and stability. Even if it was to be announced, some people may still be in disbelief.

Having come from a real war in my homeland, this was a hard period where the whole nation was led to believe that everything was going to be worked out and that no war was to happen, until the whole city got shut down and the shots started firing.

It is important to use your own judgment and always stay safe and mindful.

We do know that many things have happened in the last few months and years, to lead to this speculation.

With lots of tension on the rise with Iran’s upset of the killing of their military leader Qasem Soleimani, and the Iranian plane crash that killed all 176 innocent people of Persian descent coming to Canada, another world war seems possible.

Tension in the middle east and America has been long-standing for several years now, and has been on the rise since the tragedy of the twin towers of September 11. At some point you would have to assume that tensions would boil over eventually.

Therefore, it is imperative to try to stay calm, focused, and prepared in case chaos arises. Trust that your government will handle the situation in the best possible way so that such a catastrophe does not occur.

There is not much that can be done so going on about your life is the only thing you should be doing and focusing on. Stay current with world events and the news, and keep your ears open but also focus on your life.

Nostradamus WW3

Nostradamus was a physician, astrologer, and philosopher from the 15th century that had written a book of prophecies about the future and future events in 4 different languages.

Some of his work did not make sense until the actual events occurred. For instance, he described an airplane in his writing which was invented some 200 years after his time.

In the 15th century describing an airplane sounded completely foreign but when planes existed, it is easy to see what he was describing.

One of Nostradamus’s predictions was a third world war. He stated that a third world war was going to be the worst of them all as it was going to use nuclear weapons and leave a lot of casualties.

It would be detrimental but he stated that it would be necessary, to finally bring the world together and create peace for a long time.

With many theorists hinting at the idea of new world order, this would align with Nostradamus’s idea of peace after WW3 and the elimination of countries and differences and unity as one human race.

However, predictions about future events can always be changed based on our actions. If we chose to ignore the signs and be reckless and disrespectful with one another, then the possibility of a world war stands.

Nostradamus is not the only individual in our history to predict future events that have occurred.

Baba Vanga, a blind lady from Bulgaria, had also predicted ISIS and the end of the world. Whether that is all connected and what defines the end of the world is really up to us to see when it does occur occurs.

Could a catastrophic annihilation from a nuclear third would war be considered an end of a world that we have known up until now and the start of a new world?

WW3 Anxiety

It is absolutely clear why a 3rd world war would cause anxiety. A war is scary and devastating, lives of innocent people are lost and your own life and your loved one’s lives are put at risk.

It would absolutely change everyone’s life. The thought of another world war is enough to put people at unease in their day to day lives, wondering if it will happen, when it will happen, what will happen, and how it will affect them.

When we explore anxiety and stress and we conclude that it is a natural response to danger when our life can be put in danger, a war would be a good reason at is presents danger. Anxiety about this matter is almost imperative.

Anxiety Coping

Coping with the anxiety that stems from the fear of a WW3, is the same as coping with any form of anxiety.

It is important to take control of anxiety and stress, as it is so easy to fall into a pit of despair and in a continuous cycle of stress, anxiety, and depression.

So many natural substances and tricks are available and listed here at CLICK HERE for a full list of coping strategies.

Please take care of your mind in order to have the best focus and clarity in order to make the best decisions and the most appropriate plan in case if such a tragedy was to occur.

Thinking about the possibility of a war happening and stressing about it daily when it hasn’t occurred, will only hurt your mental health.



Is a third world war possible? Absolutely. Will it occur? Who knows. Should we be afraid? Never.

Fear is what prevents you from accomplishing so many great things as you hastily run around confused about what to do and questioning your choices, rather than living your life.

Even there are talks of a third world war, you have to focus on your immediate environment and the factors that directly affect you.

If you manage your stress levels and cope with your anxiety, focus on being mindful and grounded in the present, the whole process will be much easier for you to overcome.

If a disaster occurs, that would be the time to react. To live in anticipation of a disaster occurring simply poisons your mind with anxiety. Therefore once again, take care of your mind.


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