Why Am I So Weird? – When Will I Be Happy?

Life is a funny thing. You change and grow, you learn and develop. You experience some of the most joyous moments of your life and, you experience some of the biggest upsets in your life.

The human mind is so perplex that we often find ourselves thinking about our life in the future, the choices we make, and the moments we have had in our life. This often leads to worries, fears, and anxiety provoked mental episodes and issues.

Below we touch upon the topics of…

  • Why do I feel so weird?
  • Dare to be yourself and it’s importance
  • Anxiety’s role in feeling weird
  • When will I be happy?
  • 10 ways to be happy and coping strategies

Why Do I Feel So Weird?

This is that internal question you have for yourself quite often at times in various parts of your life.

There is no doubt that even if you are content with yourself, you have asked yourself this simple question at some point or another. The reason being is that we doubt ourselves.

We let that small amount of fear of what other people think about us as a whole, creep in and expand, that now we have to question ourselves and if we are in fact being weird.

What does it mean to be weird? What is considered normal anyways?

As people, are we to live one particular way, set out by god knows who, because that is what majority of people find normal? The human race has specific characteristics that connect us all.

Those beliefs that killing another human being is wrong or that molesting a child is wrong, fall into that belief system. We know these things because we feel extreme guilt and regret from them no matter what race, gender, sexuality, cultural background we have or the language we speak.

However, choosing who we want to love based on sex, race, and religions or, what we decide to do as our career for example, do not need to be determined by one set plan that everyone is following or life rules that keep society functioning.

It is in these choices in our lives where we choose things we “like” such as, our partner, jobs, hair colour, style, tattoos, etc. and just our overall opinions on just about everything, that normally gets us questioning our weirdness.

Our interests may be vary vast and we could be extremely passionate about them, that our stance on those things we strongly believe in and love, will make us feel weird. This is where people differentiate and get their unique personalities. This is the reason, each person is completely different to one another and not a fabricated robot.

We are afraid that, if we say something that may be different from what one particular person or groups of people think, that we will be considered weird.

The torment on our minds is really what we avoid when avoiding weirdness. That torment stemming from the negative words and exchanges from other’s to belittle you. That torment results in anxiety.

However, if we all experience this moment where we question our weirdness, then how can we be afraid or even question it in the first place?

If we know we are all different to some degree, what goes in the human mind to still worry?

The answer is built up stress and anxiety. Questioning ourselves and our interests promotes anxiety and anxiety symptoms, which can be read about further HERE.

Anxiety has become so common and experienced by so many, all with different causes for it, but yet we still chose to ignore our anxiety as if it does not really exist.

We learn to live with it and over time hurt our own feelings, hurt our happiness, hurt our health, and hurt our relationships.

Appropriate nurturing of our stress and anxiety levels would boost our mood and increase overall life pleasure.

When Anxiety is controlled, you do not ask yourself why am I being weird because, you simply don’t care how other’s will perceive you.

Dare To Be Me

I dare you to be yourself. Being authentically you is the greatest joy one can have. Human kind has come a long way from years of oppressing various people.

From slavery based on race and/or ethnicity, from suppressing someone’s rights based on their gender and the sexual organ they have, to castrating people based on who they choose to love. We have come to a much more accepting species, prior to our entry into a new decade of 2020, than ever before.

We as people still have far ways to go however. Racism still exists and so does sexism along with many other forms of discrimination.

If we continue to fight for ourselves and being exactly who we are instead of pretending and lying, we would be able to fast-forward this process much sooner. Being it should not be a dare but rather a standard.

We cannot let our fears and anxiety about being ourselves take over our lives and force us to live a fake life and ultimately an unhappy life.

Happiness is the true goal of life after all. There are always people that can relate to you in some way and your view points, even if that is not the majority.

Anxiety: Feeling Weird

Anxiety is that feeling that we cannot quite describe but know it is there. It is that internal struggle that nobody but you understands and cannot understand because, they are not in your mind. It is unexplainable and often we refer it to feeling weird.

This weird feeling exists because something feels off. The human mind is so incredible and is able to process so much information through our 5 senses of smell, taste, see, feeling, and hearing.

The human mind is constantly learning throughout its life span. Sometimes however, negative emotions kick in and overly stressing to our perceived stressors, triggers anxiety, depression, and sometimes paranoia and hallucinations.

Taking care of your mind evidently is the most important organ to take care of. This sets the tone for the rest of your physical health and interpersonal as well.

Feeling weird should be looked at as a trigger, a light switch going off to indicate something is not right and that it is time for change.

That anxiety is starting to creep up in your life and give you a warning that you may be doing too much.

When Will I be Happy

Happiness looks different to everyone. You can truly be happy by living a life that you chose for yourself and not living under someone else’s means.

Being happy is being the utmost content with all your life choices and minimizing stressors in your life and the need for validation on your life.

You become happy when you stop looking at yourself as weird and stop trying to be someone else or, portray yourself in a particular way that is not really you. Let go and be free.

Let go of things that are weighing you down and, draining you of your energy. Find solutions to problems and bad vibrations.

There is always another way and, you do not have to be stuck in one particular relationship, job, career, and place of living.

Remember it is never too late to do something that fills your soul and, there is always a means of getting it done. It is your level of determination that really gives you the boost to achieve the goals you set out for yourself. Strive to grow and prosper always.

10 ways to be happy

  1. Be Yourself
  2. Hold yourself accountable
  3. Live your life by your means, not based on other’s opinion
  4. Do things you love and are fun
  5. Find time to relax
  6. Organize yourself and continue with a growth mindset
  7. Practice being mindful
  8. Do what you love in your line of work/career
  9. Find your purpose
  10. Decrease anxiety, FULL METHODS LISTED HERE


Your internal happiness in life is the ultimate goal and purpose of life. Happiness starts to be achieved by accepting your self completely and embracing all the weirdness you have to offer.

Happiness starts with you, before it can be incorporated into other aspects of your life.

Anxiety and depression are the number one factors impacting happiness. So much so for some, that they lose all hope and therefore their own life in the process.

So much so that, they are afraid to be exactly who they are, but rather a version that works for them when in contact with other people. Like a mask of some sort.

Anxiety needs to be controlled for you to be happy and not feel weird anymore. It is that toxic factor in your life that is weighing you down and preventing you from living your best life.

Ways to help take control of your anxiety can be found HERE.

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