What is Corona Virus – Quarantine and Chill in Effect

The pandemic that is all the rave right now circling every radio station, TV station, and social media outlet, is the corona virus.

With this pandemic comes a lot of questions and even more anxiety.

Below we will discuss…

  • What is Corona Virus
  • Corona Virus Symptoms
  • Surviving Covid19
  • Pandemic Anxiety
  • Treatment for Anxiety

What is Corona Virus

Corona virus is a virus that has flu like symptoms that can affect people in various degrees, depending on their previous health conditions.

It is a virus stemming from Wuhan China, believed to come from bats and, also believed to be man made from various conspiracy theorists. What is the true cause? Who is to know.

It is easily transmitted and many do survive but, the spread of the virus is fast growing and affecting numerous people daily, worldwide, and in a short span. This is the reason it has become a pandemic, a world problem.

Although one might be pondering why this virus, what makes this so different from H1N1, swine flu, SARS etc.

How can we forget SARS when all medical staff and all in contact, had to wear N95 masks for airborne precautions! However, Covid19 is different. Each virus, although similar nature of symptoms, reacts differently and works differently.

It is hard to keep up with the virus as we are trying to construct a cure, it keeps spreading so quickly before we can learn how it works. We must pause on the research in order to stop it.

The problem is as people continue to come in contact with one another, the virus easily spreads. We must break contact in order to prevent it from spreading.

Although symptoms may be mild for some, for others it can be fatal. If we do not stop it, it will go through all of the human race and it will be survival of the fittest.

Human lives matter, we are all one in this, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, status, and looks have nothing to do with it because it affects everyone equally.

Humans are caring creatures by nature and we want to save our fellow human beings. This is why this pandemic brings us together.

It is like someone hit the reset button on the planet to bring us back to being humans. We forget we are not robots but rather people, who feel.

We need leisure time to wind down, to recoup, to recharge. We need to find the happiness in the everyday life that is given to us.

Notice the skies and how blue they appear, notice how much your mother is trying to help you in life, notice how lovely roses smell. It’s the little things that matter after all.

Therefore, in light of the heaviness this brings to human beings, it is important to see the light it brings. Things must change in order for growth to occur and growth is not a pleasant feeling.

The results are. The process of cahgne however, is painful, sickening, hard, and feels almost impossible at times. A storm does not last forever though.

Corona Virus Symptoms

the degree of the symptoms varies depending on your health and bodily function. If you are someone with many comorbidities with regard to health, this can affect you greatly and even cause death.

If young and healthy, you may not even feel the symptoms, you may just be feeling unwell. Some may end up in ICU and some may have thought they had the cold.

Symptoms include…

  • Severe cough
  • Chest tightness
  • Shortness of breath, unable to breathe
  • Fever
  • Fatigue and lack of energy
  • Flu like, cold like symptoms
  • Feeling unwell

Surviving Covid19

Self isolation and quarantine are the biggest factors that will help stop the spread of the virus.

This breaks the chain effect as someone can be carrying the virus and be asymptomatic but, transferring it to someone who is more immuno-compromised thus putting their life at risk.

By being quarantined, you are forced to not have contact with another person. It is nearly impossible to spread a virus among humans if there is no human close by to spread to, it has to eventually die.

The problem is, shutting down the world is a major hit to our economy, lifestyle, mental health, and life. Therefore, the task is harder than it sounds and more detrimental to the economy with each passing day.

Hand washing and proper protective equipment such as gloves and masks will also help you, and those in contact with you, to stay safe.

Any clothing worn out and in contact with people should be washed right away. Any surfaces that are touched should be wiped down with Lysol wipes or disinfected.

Proper washing and infection control precautions kill any germs, bacteria, and viruses. It gives the virus little to no chance of spreading or affecting you. The virus has to enter an orifice to get to your lungs in order to spread. Whether nose, mouth or so forth.

It cannot enter by simply just sitting on your arm surface. It is introduced through ingestion. If the hands (most likely culprit) go directly to your face and you have thoroughly washed your hands, the virus may not be on there anymore and you have then protected yourself from contraction.

Most importantly, however, is key to stay calm. Anxiety is skyrocketing for most people and we must not panic. Staying calm is the best way to think properly and logically in a time of crisis.

Your mind is the first thing that will affect the rest of your body and the steps you take and the moves you make.

It is the best thing to do to get you through what looks to be a few months of social distancing, that will occur, as you are  left with nothing but the thoughts in your mind, the news of more added cases, and more economic crash.

Negative news, with sad conversations and even sadder lifestyle, humans embody socialization, it is part of our DNA.

Without it our mental health fails. This is the ultimate testament to the strength of your mind that only so few in the world have truly felt, living under impoverished, in critical situations, in consistent fight or flight mode fighting for their lives daily.

If their mind had given up on them, what would become of them? They would wither and die.

Lastly, It is also important to understand that your health care professionals may not have all the answers to the questions you may be having about this virus as it is new, and we are in a state of pandemic.

However, the World Health Organization (WHO), can always be a good source of up to date information and knowledge base. They are working hard every day to get things under control.

Pandemic Anxiety

Pandemic anxiety is real and very prominent at the moment. In fact, it keeps growing daily as the pandemic prolongs and more and more cases are seen, what seems to be hourly.

As more businesses close and things change day to day in every city and country, our anxiety will continue to rise. We are confined to our homes and are left with nothing else but to worry and panic.

We are left with our thoughts and nothing to keep us busy such as work, gym, socialization etc.

On top of that, all media outlets and all conversations we may be having, pertain to the covid19 situation. It is currently embedded in our lives, and hearing so many opinions on the matter and seeing rules change regarding the situation daily, it is hard to stay calm.

This is a world problem and nobody is safe. That includes people in non poverty countries and people with a lot of money.

The virus does not discriminate and can affect anyone. Perspectives change when you realize that nobody is safe and it makes you realize, we really are all in this together. We spend so much time hating one another for differences that we forget we are all humans.

We don’t fear these things when we hear about it in another part of the world, when it does not affect us, when we can live our regular lives.

When it starts to shut down your city, your country, and then get personal and shut down your routine and place of work, you realize the seriousness of it.

You start to develop increased anxiety and suddenly you don’t feel safe anymore. If those that are supposed to help you like your government and health care providers are getting it and cannot help themselves, how can they help you? your world is crushed and your mind is entering in near panic mode.

Treatment for Anxiety

Your mind does not have to enter panic mode. You can take the appropriate steps to stop it before the anxiety escalates or worsens.

By controlling your anxiety you have the freedom to perform at peak performance, to get things done and accomplish all that you need to. Whether that includes helping others, saving lives, finding a cure, stopping the spread, or saving the economy.

It can only help the situation to control your anxiety rather than hurt it. Panic hurts it. Panic, fear, and anxiety are what is causing people to over buy items at the stores so that we are running out of supplies.

Anxiety is what causes the health care system to be over flooded as anxious people want to see if they might be affected without any true symptoms or quarantine.

It is what creates hostility among people, where they are getting into verbal and physical altercations over supplies and opinions.

Various modes of treatment exist for the anxiety. Anxiety is anxiety at the end of the day. The feelings are there and the symptoms are there regardless of what the cause of it is.

All anxiety is more or less treated in the same way. It takes time and effort to over come and a lot of self reflection. A full list of natural anxiety treatments can be found HERE.

It is important to note that a lengthy list of treatment options exist because anxiety is complicated. A single treatment for one individual may not work for another. However, as many treatments as it takes to overcome anxiety, the more beneficial it is to overcoming anxiety.

If you did not experience anxiety before and do now, learn to adapt. Adapt to this new nervous you and see what you can do to help that version of yourself.

Life is never set out how you want or how you plan it, one must learn to improvise. Take care of yourselves and stay safe! Treat your anxiety.


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