United States Presidential Elections – Worry About the Upcoming Campaign

Elections can bring about worry for many. Presidential elections can end up dividing a lot of people and causing strife among family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. There is no where more evident of this problem than in America.

Below we discuss…

  • The Upcoming Presidential Campaign in America
  • Presidential Campaign’s Correlation to Worry/Anxiety
  • Talking to Your Kids About Elections
  • Coping With the Stress and Anxiety From the Campaign

United States Presidential Election

Being from Canada and having just wrapped up the elections for the next Prime Minister of the country, I can see the tension that elections can bring.

Often times it is a period when each candidate showcases the “ugly truth” about their opponent in order to win the presidency. It’s like a professional, classy, acceptable, encouraged, adult argument.

With this undermining of each other by the presidential candidates, hurtful and offensive content can be brought up about one another, that can bring about a lot of anxiety for the whole nation.

With the Canadian elections that just passed this month of October 2019, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s past was digged up to find an old image of him wearing a much darkened face and a turban on his head.

People of the Sikh community and others in support of them, were greatly offended by this. To have a person who they have now lost trust in to run the country in which they reside in, can definitely toy with emotions.

These Issues are evident in a country that is considered peaceful around the world such as Canada and yet, still caused worry for a percentage of the population.

Now, you can only image in America, where there is one of the most controversial presidents to ever be, along with much racial, cultural and sexists issues on such a high within the country at this time as well.

President Trump’s win over the elections has caused a lot of strife within the country and divide as well. People have argued with their friends, family, neighbors and colleagues and, have lost communication with some of them just because of which political party they support.

Feelings of loneliness, secrecy on who you support, bullying, and a sense of chaos can all be felt, which in turn increase anxiety and unease during elections and then after.

A lot of disruption with immigrant families can be seen, dividing Americans and one of their closest neighbors that have had a major impact on America as a whole (Mexico), and racial issues surfacing and gun violence in schools, it is no surprise that the American people are feeling on edge.

Overall, This feeling of walking on eggshells with the many issues that exist in the country creates a lot of chronic stress that evidently leads to the build up of anxiety.

In America, this developed or progressed depression, stress, and anxiety is a positive outcome for pharmaceutical companies however, that can then promote their antidepressants and mood enhancers.

It pays off to be sick so that money can continue circulating in the government. You do not have to be a statistic though, you can take control of your emotions and you are the only one that can.

Anxiety can be managed well naturally once the initiative is put into place.

Once you see that your anxiety has been on a constant high and that it is putting you on edge because of presidential elections, steps can be taken to decrease it and live a more productive, happy, and calm life just like prior to those elections and, elections related issues and drama.

A full list of coping strategies can be found HERE.

Doing multiple coping strategies can give the best overall results on reducing the anxiety and tension. Some things that may work for one person may not work for another and vise versa.


Why Elections Causes Anxiety

Elections are tense and tense situations create just that, tension. Anxiety feeds off of tension and negative vibrations.

Your anxiety acts up just when it feels like something is wrong and stress levels and worry are too high.

With all the bickering that is seen from television news stations, radio, and from various talk show hosts and media, increased tension is not only evident but also expected in elections.

You are surrounded by negative connotation and every article, message, conversation you hear or see that revolve around the president, are of negative nature to demonstrate an image that you, whether a republican or a democrat, will either love or hate based on your core beliefs.

If your core beliefs are compromised based on a party that is chosen for office with different core beliefs, your anxiety levels will increase because your stress level will increase.

Since elections are typically heavily discussed throughout all media streams, subconsciously there is constant reminder about them and what that means to you as a civilian and a resident in the U.S.

Hearing all the news on what the president did or said, whether it is hastily or through jokes by comedians and popular TV shows and memes, these ideas and thoughts stay with you even when you are not aware or thinking about them, so much so you may have dreams about it.

On top of that, Just the mere worry on whose hands the country will be left in as it directly affects you and your status, is enough to worry some individuals. One person is left to run the country and represent it.

One person is left to lead, to determine how you live, what you pay for, if you will have work, and what rights you will receive. One person can determine your future living conditions.

There are many factors in regard to the elections and its effects on anxiety.

Regardless, seeing the effects of elections on your mental health can give good insight into your feelings and what precisely about the elections is it that is causing all the anxiety.

Only then, once that realization is made and recognizing the symptoms and signs of anxiety early on, can help stop the progression of depression and anxiety as well as further mental health issues and substance abuse.

Talk to Your Kids About Elections

Because politics is such a heavy topic, it is not one that kids are very interested in.

We often avoid teaching our children about voting and elections, and what it all means even though they are the future of the country.

Before you know it they will reach the age of 18, where even though they are looked at by society as still being a child and a teenager that doesn’t know anything, they are also looked at as young adults that can practice their right to vote.

They need to be educated before they go off on popular opinion and be taught to understand all the debate views in order to make an educated vote.

Also, when there are laws that are directly affecting kids such as gun laws with the severe increase of gun violence in schools, it is more important than ever for kids to understand elections as it directly affects them.

Young children as well can read off of energy from their parents. Kids are blunt and will speak their mind and/or act out and throw a tantrum when they feel anxious.

If they are reading off of your negative energy and anxiety or those around them because of elections, then they may get sick from the worry where then further problems besides elections can be created for you.


Coping With Elections Anxiety

If elections are stirring up some anxiety for you, think long and hard if this is worth increasing your anxiety for. With all the many life problems you are already dealing with, are elections worth putting in that same worry category?

If you do this and still feel as though elections are increasing your anxiety, further coping strategies can be found HERE.


It is important to remember …

  • It is not the end of the world with whom ever is elected
  • You are never bound to living in one place and one country for the rest of your life
  • It is inevitable that someone must be elected to run the nation
  • Stay informed before voting and practice your rights
  • Continue to educate your children
  • Do not go off of popular opinion and influence, vote according to your core beliefs
  • Trust your instincts
  • Manage stress and anxiety symptoms
  • Keep your mind clear during elections through anxiety management in order to make a better decision
  • Practice meditation during stressful periods
  • Accept that you did your part and voted for who you thought was most suitable

At Last

At last, remember that the overwhelming stress and anxiety you are feeling around elections is real.

The fear you have is valid. You must also remember you are not alone and that there are many like you, also anxious about the same issues as you.

However, this anxiety can be managed and should be managed before it starts eating away at your soul.

There is no reason to live with constant anxiety, especially when there are so many natural and simple coping methods that can be utilized. Full list of coping mechanisms can be found HERE.


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