Top 20 New Years Resolutions – A Happier 2020

Year after year people set out one or a few, new year’s resolutions. From popular ones like starting the gym to personalized goals, all which are set out to better your life in some way or another.

The purpose of a new year’s resolution was always to improve your life and set the tone for your future. It was always to bring the out most satisfaction and happiness to you in your life.

Below we will explore…

  • The Top 20 New Years Resolutions You Should Follow That Will Ultimately Give You a Happier, Healthier Life
  • Exploring the New Decade and What is to Come
  • 2020 New Years Eve Breakdown
  • De-stressing Techniques After a Hectic Year

Top 20 New Years Resolutions

  1. Ultimate Happiness:

    Finding true happiness should always be the number one goal in life. This, along with number 20 on the list, is one of the 2 most important resolutions to maintain and the ultimate life goal in general.Money can’t buy you happiness, you have heard this time and time again, there is reason for that.

    True Happiness stems from within. It is when you put down the barrier you put on yourself to do what makes you happy.

    It is removing the mask you put on a daily basis in front of people and just being yourself, without worrying about other peoples opinions and judgments. Further reading on how to maintain happiness can be found HERE.

  2. Healthy Eating:

    Eating healthy as also previously mentioned HERE at The Anxiety Free Life is also extremely important.You are what you eat and therefore eating junk and food that is not doing good for your body or fueling your body, will ultimately bring down your mood and your performance.

    It truly is an ongoing cycle of pity, feeling down, feeling sorry for yourself, and turning to bad food choices to make you feel better which in turn make you feel worse.

    Besides the psychological effects mentioned here, You may be more familiar with the effects you see, the physical ones.

    Poor choices lead to weight gain, decrease in libido, joint pain, difficulty breathing and other various issues that make it harder to just live life.

    It makes it more difficult to have energy and move around freely and pain free.

    Now I am not suggesting going full vegan as soon as the new year begins, but rather make more conscientious choices.

    If eating healthy is difficult for you and you are not too fond of vegetables, invest in a good blender for instance where you can create healthy smoothies and green smoothies to get your vegetable intake such as the Vitamix E310. Baby steps forward is still a step forward.


  3. Partake in Physical Activity and Get Active:

    One cannot discuss eating healthier without promoting physical activity as well, the 2 go hand in hand.

    Although signing up to the gym is an extremely popular resolution that many make year after year and decade after decade, it takes more than just signing up to the gym, you have to put in the work.

    If you don’t enjoy the gym environment then there are other options for you as well. Getting active does not solely mean going to the gym, it’s about getting your body moving.

    If sports are more your thing then play sports, if yoga makes you happy do yoga. If a daily walk is more feasible, do a daily walk or hike. Physical activity is to be enjoyed and not necessarily feel like a drag.

    Getting your body moving is so important and so beneficial for overall health, for the cardiovascular system and circulation.

    It helps with mood and focus, and helps fight off diseases like cancer, diabetes, and respiratory issues.

    It releases feel good hormones and acts like a natural happy pill or chill pill. Physical Activity is also further discussed HERE.

  4. Perfect Your Communication Skills:

    Communication is so important with any and all interpersonal relationships. It is what connects humans together and what makes humans so social, it is within human nature.

    However, many do not know how to effectively communicate or chose to ignore situations and confrontations in order to avoid possible drama rather than actually discuss issues.

    Differences are going to exist and if you are around someone long enough whether it is a friend, spouse, coworker, or family, more and more differences will be evident which can lead to disagreements.

    Some people like coworkers, you cannot ignore as you have to stay professional and see them every day.

    However, you can learn to communicate effectively in order to minimize as many arguments and drama as possible.

    Majority of issues with another person occur because of inappropriate communication. Things said can be skewed and misinterpreted, we tend to put blame and judgment on anyone but ourselves, and we fail to listen appropriately.

    Proper communication with those around you will make your life easier and will help put plans and tasks into motion.

    Put your ego aside and communicate because it can save a life or save your marriage, and grief and divorce are much more detrimental than opening up and communicating effectively.

  5. Formulate A Plan or Execute Long Term Goals:

    Work on or finish goals that you have had for a long time. Stop procrastinating and do what needs to be done for those things you truly want.

    If it is a long term goal that you have had for a long time, it means it is important to you and something you ultimately want so why waste time?

    Maybe the goal cannot be achieved right away but you can set out a plan and organize some smaller goals that will get you to the bigger goal you are trying to achieve eventually.

    If you wanted to learn to dance ballroom for instance, sign up for the class. Stop holding yourself back, as you are the only ondividual responsible for holding yourself back from achieving what you truly want.

    You have clearly put in a lot of time fantasizing about it for so long, so why not take action. It is evident that it would bring you ultimate happiness.

    Explore what is holding you back for so long from achieing that goal, and what you can do to change that.

  6. Quit Addictive Behaviors and Bad Habits:

    Addiction as discussed further HERE, is horrible for anyone to have to suffer from. Nothing good comes from addiction and it ultimately leads to a loss.

    Whether a loss of relationships, home, work, friends, sanity, or your life.

    Take the appropriate steps to over come something that has overpowered you for so long.

    Talk to a therapist, sign up for that support group, reach out for help. Take that initial step in the right direction and the rest will follow.

    This also, includes bad habits as well, as bad habits can become addictive. Alcohol for instance is drank by many with no addictive nature behind it.

    However, if you are noticing that you are starting to depend on alcohol and that you need a greater amount to get you in that emotional zone that you are seeking, then it may be time to reconsider your choices. This is a good indication that there is a bigger issue that needs to be dealt with.

  7. Socialize More and Network:

    Humans are social beings. Although it is hard with social anxiety and social phobia on such a rise as further discussed HERE, it is crucial to humans.

    What separates people from other animals is our intellect and our ability to understand, interpret, feel empathy, and communicate.

    Socialization keeps are mind working and keeps us focused.If you have heard of solitary confinement in prison and its detrimental effects on the human mind, then you can see the positive impact of socializing with those that add value to your life.

    Socialization is also what helps you network in order to open your mind to new possibilities when conversing with someone else. Socialization is ideal for your career and relationships.

  8. Engage in a Creative Activity:

    Many people don’t realize the importance of creativity in your life. Some might even say they are not creative by any means.

    Many are more creative than others, and this is true, but everyone can partake in a creative activity regardless of the level of creativity and artistic abilities.

    There are so many activities out there from writing, such as I’m currently doing, photography, painting, scrap booking, sewing, coloring, dance, gardening/landscaping, design etc.

    Creativity helps your mind immensely. It helps to get you thinking out of the box and out of your comfort zone. It is a great natural antidepressant and mood enhancer.

    It keeps the mind sharp and ultimately gives you a happier life overall. Many people who are not artists for instance, sign up for painting classes where everyone paints the same picture.

    Whether it is good or bad, the point is you have fun, let loose, and learn to be carefree like a kid for a little while where you leave your stresses behind.

    You stop thinking of all the multiple problems you have and concentrate to make your creation come to life.

  9. Organization!:Organization is key in life. Everyone can use a little more organization.

    When you are organized and have a plan whether it is for work, errands, or tasks, it helps alleviate a lot of the stress you feel for upcoming projects for instance, and the pressure for things to be perfect and completed.

    Organizing yourself gives you enough time to finish tasks and not feel rushed, and which ultimately gives you more time to do things you enjoy and that help you relax.

    Overall, organization helps to keep your life more balanced, and that is nothing but a positive thing. If you are organized than fewer mistakes would happen, conflict, and losing or forgetting things because you are panicking due to rushing.

  10. Spend Time With Loved Ones:

    Spending time with people that add value to your life and that you have a special connection with, can truly bring a lot of joy. It helps decrease stress, anxiety, and depression.

    Some loved ones are not going to be around too long like your grand parents or parents, they are getting older and therefore spending as much time as you can with them while they are still around, is one of the best things you can do.

    There is nothing worse than regret and not spending time with someone you love, before losing them.  Regret will not bring that person back once they pass away.

    Death is natural and inevitable, so utilize the time you do have to appreciate those around you. They made it this far as part of your life for a reason.

  11. Practice Mindful Meditation Daily:

    If you have ever wondered why a Buddhist monk such as the Dalai Lama always appears calm and, why you never see them angry?

    It is because of meditation. Meditation is hard and takes a lot of practice and effort.

    You will continuously question yourself if you are even doing it right but, as long as you are putting in the daily effort, you will reap its benefits.

    You may not even notice this positive change on your outlook and attitude but rest assured, those around you will.

    Mindfulness is so extremely important to the brain and therefore overall health, as it really helps you to close your eyes and turn off your mind.

    You don’t realize how much you are doing and thinking even when you think you are not doing anything at all, like watching TV and sitting on the coach.

    You need to turn your mind off just like you need to sit down to rest your feet after a long shift standing, or turn off your computer to run a software update in order for the computer to function better.

    Meditation is what helps you remain calm even around chaos in your life. Stresses and stressors occur, but with meditation you learn not to react or care at all for that matter.

    How much better life can be when you learn not to overreact to situations and get angry. Less depression, anxiety, and mental illness overall.

  12. Pay Off Existing Debts:

    Life, especially in north America, is surrounded by debt. Everything costs money and you have to earn money in order to get what you desire.

    If you have done well in your life where you can get a loan from the bank, mortgage, line of credit, student loan, or any other type of loan or account, chances are you have debt.

    Only those that can make money can have a debt essentially. Money is thrown at you and it is your duty to step back and proceed with caution.

    Some loans are easier to manage and pay off and/or are essential. For instance if you have a mortgage, you have a debt, a 25-30 year debt in Canada.

    However, buying that home is an essential in order to own a property, have an asset, and have a roof above your head and your family.

    That mortgage also has a fairly reasonable interest rate so that if you are making steady income, you can continue to make payments and eventually pay off the mortgage.

    Other debts, like credit card on the other hand, have high interest rates. Those high interest rates only continue to rise with the growing amount owed, that it becomes impossible to pay off unless you got lucky in the lottery or landed an amazing multi-million dollar job.

    Even some low interest debts can become out of hand and with multiple streams of debt it can add up pretty quickly if you live above your means which many people do.

    It is a good goal to have if you do have an outstanding debt, to look at how to decrease them with a concrete plan because it is a slow and painful process. It is a much slower process than people believe and much more detrimental than people realize.

    It affects you credit store and your possibility of any other type of loan you can get for things that you need or emergency situations like your house flooding, or funeral costs.

  13. Save Money:

    Along with paying off debt is saving money. Having saved money changes your whole mood and outlook in life.

    It is a safety blanket, one in which you can rely on in case of any life troubles such as losing your job and paying bills, fixing your car, medical expenses, and so forth.It makes life’s tough situations a little easier to handle and, gives you more opportunities when you have an emergency fund. 

  14. Learn Something New and Continue Learning:Life is continuous learning and you should always stay open-minded and continue to learn and explore.

    When you only stick to what you know it creates an incomplete and miserable life because things are always changing and there is no stop to that. Either you learn and adapt or complain and loath.

  15. Connect With Nature:

    Nature is an amazing natural antidepressant and we tend to abuse it as man kind and not give it the recognition it deserves.

    We are so caught up with our own lives, that we don’t stop to smell the roses. Connecting with nature simplifies life and really gets your mind clear.

    Besides, a little fresh air never hurt anyone.

    Take some time to spend it in your local parks and you will see how much better you feel, and how much more appreciation you gain for life.

    You will have a better understanding on the decisions you have to make in life and a clearer conscious.

  16. Leave Toxic People, Places, and Things:

    Stop holding on to people and things that are not serving you any good. Letting go is hard, but holding on is in fact harder when it is hurting your well-being.

    You have to focus on surrounding yourself with people who want to uplift you, motivate you, help you, support you, and see you do well.

    Toxic things hold you back and you don’t want to be held back, you want to grow and prosper throughout life.

    If your job is making you absolutely miserable, start looking and applying for other jobs. Forward thinking is key.

  17. Make a Feasible Plan for Doing What You Love:

    Life is long but, not long enough to be stuck being miserable doing something you despise. You do not have to be stuck anywhere full of anxiety, depression, grief, and regret.

    You can create the life you want, and you can live it by making a plan and not just sitting back and not doing anything to change it.

    The only way this can be done is through a set out plan, with tasks and time lines, that you are obliged to follow. Live your life on your means.

  18. Learn To Do You, Live Your Life:

    Live your life, stop listening to others. Regardless of who it is whether family, friends, or in laws. You are not living to please anyone else but yourself.

    Of course if you have a partner and you share a home with them, they should be on board with you if it is to better both of your lives, as they can assist you to achieve those goals.

    We spend too much time listening to the opinions of others rather than our own heart and mind.

  19. Take Time for Yourself:

    Make yourself a priority again. Self care is so important and much-needed in order to function properly. You cannot take care of others if you neglect yourself.

    Proper care for yourself will also prevent common colds, flu, sickness as well, so that you can continue working, taking care of your family, and taking care of business overall.

  20. Take Care of Stress and Anxiety:

    The second most important thing on this list and something every single person has struggled with, is stress and anxiety.

    This is what is needed to be done in order for happiness to occur and is the only solution to happiness, not materialistic possessions or money.

    Tips to take care of your stress and anxiety can be found HERE.Our mind is the most important organ we have, it controls the rest of our body and it is what helps us communicate, work, process information, learn, and live. That is why it is important to keep it healthy and functioning.


New Decade 2020

The New decade can bring some anxiety for people. It is the end of a year, end of a month, and the end of a decade.

The end in the perspective of time, tends to get peoples anxiety triggered because they feel as though they are running out of time to accomplish all they have set out to do.

We tend to think we are getting too old, it’s getting too late, or that you missed your time or opportunity.

I ask you what are you in a rush for? There is no time limit for anything in life. You can get married at 50, you can have kids at 40, you can graduate from college at 35, you can move out at 30.

There is no time line on your life and how you should live your life. It is not a race and your life is not something to be compared to anyone else as we each follow our own course.

New decades always look scary when the number looks so big. Change is constant. It is the only thing that will never stop. How you choose to handle it on the other hand is on you.

Whether you choose to follow these resolutions to just live a happy rest of your life or chose to compain instead and not have any positive outcomes.

2020 New Year’s Eve

New year’s eve is always a party or gathering, it’s a celebration and should be treated as such. It is a time to be with the ones you cherish most. It is a time to let loose and have fun but continue to be responsible.

This is a period to reflect back on what you have accomplished through the year, and make the appropriate tweaks to better your situation for the oncoming year.

Remember a few things coming into the new year and new decade…

  • It is never too late
  • You are never too old
  • Life is not a race, take your time
  • Grow and prosper
  • Never stop learning and developing
  • Work towards your goals
  • Always minimize stress and anxiety as much as possible
  • Be kind to others and spread kindness
  • Happiness is the ultimate life goal
  • Celebrate the new year and don’t get yourself down
  • Learn to take care of yourself too and not just others
  • Hard work and dedication will always get you where you want to be

Stress and Anxiousness: Coping Strategies

Anxiety and stress should be dealt with as soon as it is felt and never left to linger. Often people mistake their feelings as just that, feelings, with the intention that they will go away on their own.

People tend to chose a passive approach when it comes to anxiety and still hide their battle with it even up to the 2020 new year.

Anxiety is not a phase, it is the result of unresolved stress and negative emotions that have not been dealt with for a long time ,or ever for that matter.

Appropriate approaches and action are needed. No matter how much anyone tells you to take the step toward healing, only you can do that for yourself as you are the only true person that knows what it feels like.

Resolving anxiety issues is the ultimate 2020 New Years resolution and the resolution for every year and life goal. It is what will bring you ultimate life satisfaction. Natural remedies for anxiety and stress can be found HERE with a full list of coping strategies.


The End of a Chapter

Although we are closing the door to yet another decade, your life continues. You have so much more of your life to live and therefore so many more joyous moments and adventures to be engaged in.

The 20 new year’s resolutions listed above are so important and should be everyone’s resolution and goal in life for the most prosperity and success in life.

These resolutions I find will solve majority of your problems you have had in the past and, solve many that are waiting for you for the future if certain aspects of your life are not adjusted.

These resolutions will bring you life happiness, and that can only be achieved with strategic planning, determination, following through with the resolutions and working on your stress level and taking care of your mind.

Start the year and the decade right for an even brighter 2030 decade by working on managing anxiety levels. Anxiety is what holds so many individuals back from living their life and being content with it.

Don’t be another statistic, be another warrior of a very small portion of people that have learned to manage these negatie feelings.


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