The Best Things to do in Quarantine – Saving my Mind

These are precedent times as you may have heard time and time again. We are locked down in our homes because of this, and are in desperate need to keep our minds stimulated.

Below we discuss…

  • Current Situation
  • Impact on mental health
  • List of ideas and things to do while in quarantine

Current Situation: Quarantine Mode on

Although many nations and various parts of your current country may be seeing a lift in lock down and quarantine measures, the battle against Covid-19 is far from over. Although measures in place are slowly starting to be lifted, there is no doubt that the virus still exists and continues to spread.

We have the possibility of seeing the virus come back even worse, much like the Spanish flu in its second round, or just never end, as we try to save our economy.

Lifting bans is not necessarily all for the interest of human life and health, but rather also to save the economy that is taking a huge toll from closed businesses and the current recession that we are seeing develop. Therefore, quarantine life and social distancing may be something we need to get used to as it can be around for a long time.

How everything will work out is hard for anyone to know, including our government leaders. This is also what makes this situation scary, because nobody truly knows but, one thing is for certain, it will change our world in some way or another.

Some companies are looking to move their employees to work from home permanently whenever possible, even after the pandemic clears. Others are looking at using this period to grow, to manufacture locally in certain goods and supplies.

our views on the important things in life are changing, are appreciation for our loved ones is growing, and our constant need for material possession is slowing down for the most part.

Everything we know, and everything that has been, is being restructured to some degree. Learning to adapt to these changes can be difficult for some, and those that have already been suffering from anxiety and mental health, it can worsen the symptoms and really put their minds to the test.

Impact on Mental Health

There is no doubt that this pandemic has had a huge impact on mental health worldwide. For those that have had a pretty easy going life, and have had everything they have desired with no real struggles, have had to put things into perspective as no money or power can stop the virus from getting them too.

I would hope that those people would look at the simple things in life and the true meaning of life outside of material possessions.

For those that have had to survive their whole life, struggle after struggle, whether that be immigration, job loss, debt, failure, addiction, homelessness, war etc.

Those who have, have gained survival tactics and mental strength from their experiences. However, lock down can, and still is, affecting everyone, regardless of how strong of an individual they may have been.

Human beings are social creatures by nature, they thrive on social interaction and stimulation as they have very complex brains compared to many other animals.

This is why people in solitary confinement in prison, develop mental health issues even if they had none prior to confinement. Being in quarantine and, unable to roam around freely with all the stores and parks being closed, although not on the same caliber as solitary confinement, can overtime have the same effects.

The problem with it is that for a certain period it is alright. You may be happy to get some time off work, relax, not have to think or take responsibility, not have to stress. Over time, this isolation starts to take its toll.

It does not help either that the media outlets are flooded with worry and fear surrounding the virus. Watching people die, seeing number of cases go up, watching the whole world shut down, and thinking about your own health and safety will make you overthink.

Especially when you may not have work or the ability to leave your home and see loved ones, this can leave you with more time to think and over think and have anxiety.

Normally humans are not fond of change. We like our routines and like knowing what is going on. We fear the unknown and that is why we often develop anxiety within in our lives, about the outcome of things and events in our life which are yet to happen.

There is such a rush to constantly accomplish and advance in our lives for whatever reason. We live in a fast pace world and we live our lives as such, continuously scrounging around trying to get more and more done without realizing that life is not a race. There is beauty in the now and that maybe life is just the current, day in and day out.

The Best Things to do in Quarantine

  • Read
  • Develop a new hobby or skill
  • Clean your home
  • Do things you were putting off while you were working (finishing an online course, getting your license, starting a workout regimen etc.)
  • Learn new recipes and improve on your cooking skills
  • Have video chats with friends and family
  • Reconnect with those that you live with
  • Do exercise regimens and workout classes from home
  • Work on your business
  • Follow self care tactics, make mini spa times for yourself
  • Garden
  • Watch TV shows and movies you have’t had time to watch
  • Do something creative with your time such as art, sewing, designing, creating content
  • Learn something new, and educate yourself, perhaps a subject matter you have been interested in
  • Finish home repairs that you have put off
  • Go for a walk when and where possible
  • Learn to meditate and practice mindfulness
  • If you have a house or multiple rooms, consider changing the theme in the rooms to feel like your going somewhere different (perhaps an office space if you are working from home)
  • Spend time on the balcony or in the backyard daily
  • Start writing whether for personal used to let out emotions or for public such as stories and tips
  • Develop language proficiency or learn a new language
  • Learn about nutrition and develop a sustainable diet change/lifestyle change
  • Talk to a therapist if struggling (tele-therapy is available)
  • play some brain stimulating games like Sudoku or puzzles
  • Dance, have your own mini dance party either alone or with loved ones
  • If you have kids, spend time with them, engage in activities so they can burn off energy
  • Get innovative with activities for your kids to do
  • Get grounded, learn to enjoy being in the present with everything around you
  • Study, whether for college or for work, get a step ahead when things re-open
  • Take a trip to the cottage or camping if allowed and possible


Things are a little difficult right now but, in the long run they will make us into stronger individuals. We as people need to learn to adapt and grow through what we go through.

Life is never what you make it, it is never as it is planned, and that is just life, never meant to be fair. However, that does not mean we have to feel sorry for our selves, dwell in negative emotions, and continuously live in “better” or “more normal” times.

Take things for what it is and learn to live in how they are. Keep yourself occupied and develop a new routine in how your current life is. Remain focused on yourself and your goals.

Take this time to reflect on what is important to you and what you want out of life. We have one life to live and we must make the best of it regardless of circumstances.

The biggest battle we have right now and have always had is the battle with our mind. Life is only stagnant and/or stressful if you make it as such. Plan, organize, and absolutely crush your goals. Often we complain we don’t have time to accomplish all that we want and now we have all the time in the world, utilize it.

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