Step Out The Comfort Zone – The Secret Killer in Your Life

The Comfort zone has a love hate relationship for so many. It creates the dilemma in our life between having everything stable and functioning, to feelings of needing more out of life.

Below we will discuss…

  • What is The Comfort Zone?
  • How Your comfort Zone is Killing you
  • How to Get Out of My Comfort Zone
  • Anxiety Relief in the Comfort Zone and its Relation

What is the Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is the state in which a person feels comfortable in. Everything is stable and steady in regard to a situation whether it is a work comfort zone, relationship comfort zone, appearance, or general life situations.

It is the state where things are comfortable enough that one does not have to stress. The comfort zone is predictable with known outcomes and is a place where you know exactly what to do if the situation goes off course, to get right back in that comfort zone once again.

Danger in the Comfort Zone

The Comfort zone might not look like a dangerous place to be in, but it does pose a threat if you are too comfortable in it.

When you are in a zone where nothing much is happening, that means not much excitement either. Things can start to seem bland and boring after months and years in a comfort zone with a situation.

Human nature finds it hard to stay interested and excited in a repetitive stable situation, hence why a cubicle 9-5 job looks like death for a majority of people. The human mind is so complex that it needs to continuously be stimulated, thinking, and learning in order to be happy.

When the brain is not happy, anxiety can arise and further health problems to follow. If you have experienced anxiety as majority have atleast at some point in their life, you know how detrimental it really is.

This is why it is good to step out of your comfort zone as this brings your brain excitement. That expression really means to step out of your normal and try something new. Life is about experiences after all is it not?

Experiences are what keep us from being robots. When you go on a vacation to a foreign country and are away from your home for a minimum 7 days, you are experiencing life in a new environment. 7 days are enough of a step out of the living comfort zone, for a recharge to occur in order to go back to work once again and back to running errands.

Going a different route to get home from work that you have never taken appears uncomfortable, but that lack of comfort is exciting you as you don’t know what to expect.

So you stay a little more alert and focused. Something you haven’t done in a long time, while driving the same old route you are used to taking. A moment of not being a robot once again.

So in conclusion, the threats of comfort zone is sheer boredom, fear of becoming a robot and, the connecting factor that over comes both those threats and the biggest threat of all, the development of anxiety and depression.

As previously discussed in the article HERE, anxiety persuades further health problems to develop, and addictions and poor life choices to surface.

How to Get Out of the Comfort Zone

Getting out the comfort zone may be complex. The comfort zone is comfortable after all.

You’re sitting sprawled out in just that right position on the couch, blanket on, not moving a muscle, but you are dying for a drink, it’s in the fridge. To ruin the comfort you are in for the drink you so desperately need?

Some will try to not take the drink as long as possible, so much to the point until their NEED becomes stronger than their comfort.

However, it was hard to get off that couch because it just felt so good, so cozy. Your brain sent strong enough signals to tell you it’s enough though.

That focus and determination is what is needed to get out of the comfort zone. The comfort zone is like a drug, even when it is hurting you and making you feel so low, it somehow still feels good.

Why is our brain tricking us like this? why do you feel so weak to your thoughts? Why do you continue to do something that hurts you or makes you feel bad? The answer is, because it’s comfortable.

When you are so tired of being sick and tired, that is when a metamorphosis occurs. Just like when the urge to get a drink as it was needed for your survival, the need for a change and out of the comfort zone becomes greater.

This feeling needs to be triggered, whether it is from an inspirational quote, individual, picture, whatever it may be, there is a trigger that pushes this need for a change.

So the real task is to figure out how to get triggered in order to create that change. The biggest factor is that horrible feeling of impeding doom, deep depression, sadness, stress, and anxiety.

Nobody wants to feel bad and for some, that tolerance of how much pain they can tolerate is bigger than it is for others. That trigger for change becomes hard to find, but it is not impossible, it never is.

Anxiety and the Comfort Zone

There is no doubt that a comfort zone can cause anxiety and most certainly does after some point.

It is the deciding factor between if you are going to make a change in your situation, or are you going to let the anxiety and depression consume you until it takes you life?

Now this doesn’t mean that you have to continue going on fancy dinners, crazy vacations and spending, or anything else that’s extreme. You can make small changes in things of your everyday life.

Like going to a new park, trying a new workout routine, or going to a new restaurant, new jobs, new house, new environment.

Only you can take the initiative to make a change in your life and change for the better, through mindset and body.

Anxiety occurs from continuous, constant, chronic, stress and unhappiness. If the comfort zone is making things become boring and unhappy, then sure enough the anxiety will eventually creep in.

That is why it is so important to have new experiences and step out of you comfort zone.

However, anxiety can be there already from the fear of change and the unknown as that is also a part of anxiety, making stepping out of the comfort zone so difficult. This is the reason that taking care of your anxiety is so important overall.

This is why taking care of your mind through all the coping strategies listed HERE, is so important to follow.

In order to avoid anxiety and or decrease it, and help you focus and expand your mind. It allows you to do the things you truly desire.


The Comfort Zone and Growth – Future of a Silent Killer

Growth can happen from the comfort zone. We all fall victim to its dangers, but that does not mean all hope is lost. Changes can occur that will lead to growth.

Life is a battle, constantly overcoming obstacles, if we did not do this we would be dead. We need some stimuli, some stress.

Finding the balance in life between a good amount of stress and excessive stress is the true meaning of life. This balance is forever moving and shifting within our lives, continuously disrupted.

Finding that balance takes work, precision, and tactic. The best tactic of all, is taking care of our minds through effective coping strategies listed HERE.


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