Revive Naturals CBD Hemp oil review – your anxiety solution

Product: Revive Naturals CBD oil

Price: $59.99

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Size: 1 OZ/ 30 ML

Form: Oil


The Revive Naturals CBD + Hemp oil Overview

A pruduct created naturally with the intent to keep stress and anxiety symtoms at the forefront. Vegan, Kosher, Halal, and completely natural, it is safe to use for anyone with any type of food or religious restrictions.

It comes in a 750 mg dose which averages to 25 mg per drop taken. Best used under the tongue (sublingual) for best absorption of the product and fastest results. It is flavoured cinnamon pepermint.

1-2 drops really should be sufficient enough for effectiveness. The product uses the full cannabis plant which is not something many companies making this product do.

No THC is in the product however so there is no, I reapeat NO, way of getting high off this product. You will stay alert, awake and focused.

By using the full plant you do get CBD from this product as well, it is just not listed as a CBD oil but rather a hemp oil in order for legal purposes in selling and promotion. However, full plant use must contain CBD.


For anyone suffering from stress and anxiety this product works beautifully. It does not interact with any other medications and or products as it is organic, raw, and natural from the earth.

It aids in reducing stress and anxiety on a day to day bases and helps to improve symtoms associated with anxiety such as sleep problems, insomnia, racing heart, pain, muscle stiffness, and irritability.

For anyone looking for a completly natural method and product to relieve anxiety instead of medications, this is an excellent alternative and one that I personally use myself.

There are no interactions with other products and medications if you are taking them and is quite a concentrated dose that you dont need to use alot for best results.

sublingual works best as it is the fast absorption in comparison to taking it orally. There is many benefits and no side effects so there is no harm is taking it or even trying it.


Price!! Now 59.99 seems a bit pricey for only 30 ML of a product but in all honesty, it is quite compariable to what is out in the market for much less product and dose that you are getting. I have seen similiar products sold on sehelves in stores that are selling for around 90 dollars.

I have not come across any other product so far that utilizees the full plant rather than just one part, meaning stem, leaf, seeds and all. This actually gives you more bang for your buck because it makes the product more concentrated and therefore you dont need to use as much.

You can find a cheaper alternative but you will need to use more for the same effect, which in turn, you actually are spending more money in the end for the cheaper product.

The taste says cinnamon pepermint but does not really taste like it in my opinion. The taste of hemp or CBD is not bad but it is a little bland. You can taste the bland taste through the flavouring but like mentioned, it’s not a bad taste and is quite do-able.

It is not like taking buckley’s cough syrup that is for sure. However, because is a 25 mg per serving which is only 1-2 drops given your overall size, it’s not alot that you are taking in for the taste to linger.

Overall Impression

There are many benefits for stress and anxiety relief as well as other health benefits. Works great for anxiety relief, promotes sleep, reduces headaches, inflammation, pain, seizures, asthma symtoms, muscle tension, PMS and cramps, arthritis and joint pain, improves recovery post exercise, heart health, energy levels, skin and hair.

There are so many health benefits with this product and realistically no side effects, it is a herb like any other and therefore a natural solution.

Seems pricey but a better quality product than what I have bought in town and through amazon it can be purchased online and delievered to you if you are skeptical to buy in store.

Some people still view cannabis products as drugs or “bad.” You really are getting your money’s worth if you are suffering from anxiety, stress, depression and pain as those feelings can really be debilitating to your daily life and function.

This prodcut needs time to start working (roughly 1 week) when taken regularly, once or twice a day. Personally, once a day is good enough in my opinion for me, but you can see for youself and test it out.

Therefore it is not to be used for immediate anxiety relief such as in anxiety or panic attack. However, if used regularily it can prevent these things from occuring in the first place.

I love a good natural solution to mental health and just health issues overall. Mental health is so important to your overall happiness and life satisfaction and should always be taken seriously.

Even if you feel you are not suffering from anxiety, we all have stress from our daily lives and this helps alleviate that stress and promotes better overall health.

If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to discuss below. Hope this review was of help to those seeking anxiety relief methods.

If  you are looking for the product or looking to try CBD for anxiety relief, click HERE.

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