Diffuser Review – Where to begin

Diffusers – The Low Down

Diffusers as mentioned in the article <<<HERE>>> , on coping strategies for anxiety and stress, are a great tool and a simple thing to do to promote sleep and help alleviate anxiety and stress symptoms.

They are extremely easy to use for just about anyone and are very affordable. Regardless of the type of diffuser purchased, they are all easy to use, simply fill with water, put essential oil in with water, and turn on.

All diffusers produce wonderful soothing smells, different diffusers however have different power. Based on your needs and where you want to place it, you can have multiple diffusers within your home.

They are cost effective, you do not need to spend a lot on a diffuser to get good quality and something that will work. A top-notch, best of the best, diffuser should not cost you more than 100 dollars Canadian.

There are more expensive ones hpwever, and if you are really into the aroma therapy, then perhaps this is something you want to purchase. However, purchasing an expensive diffuser is not mandatory or necessary.


There are really no cons. You will need to plug it in and maintain it with water refills and find a little spot for it, but that is about it. They are easy to use, affordable for everyone, smell great, and help with anxiety, depression, relaxation, and sleep.

Below is a list of 3 different diffusers if you are looking to purchase one as a coping strategies.

Kevinleo Home Scent Machine

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This sleek, silver, cylinder shaped diffuser is very simple in design and can fit just about anywhere and match any decor. Very simple and nothing over the top that would stand out.

It can be controlled from the comfort of a remote control in order to turn on or off and adjust the level of oil consumption. Very few diffusers let you adjust the amount of oil used.

110V For this machine and it can be used in all countries from 110-240v. 150 ML of oil can be filled within the diffuser making it last for over 100 hours! Your home can smell great at all times, no more candles, sprays, incense,  or plugins needed.

This diffuser is different from all other diffusers out there as it only uses the essential oils and no water. So no filling up with water, just the oils. You really are getting the most of the aroma therapy in this way and it lasts a long time.

The negative thing about this product is that it is quite expensive, $299.00. If this is something that really does help you cope with your anxiety and is an essential part of your coping and relaxation techniques, then no, it is not a bad investment.

However, cheaper diffusers will do just the same for you, they just need to be filled with water. It is not a lot of work. If it is something new you are trying, than a more affordable diffuser would be your best bet.

Anjou Aromatherapy Diffuser

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This diffuser is simple in its design as well, small, and can fit just about anywhere. It has 7 different light colors to be adjusted based on your mood. The anjou uses water in order to work with the essential oils.

It is ideal to purchase as many of the essential oils come with the packaged deal so they do not need to be purchased extra.

It can make for a great gift with Christmas coming up shortly, or any other event really. It is practical and comes equipped with everything you need with 12 different oil scents.

It is priced at $49.99 American which is not the cheapest but it does come with the oils already which is something that needs to be purchased separately regardless.

So you are getting everything you need with this purchase which makes it more convenient and really not anymore expensive than a low end diffuser.

This would personally be my choice When purchasing a diffuser as I will get the diffuser and the oils, and later on I can experiment with which smells I prefer and which other scents I would purchase. You are getting the most bang for your buck with this purchase.

Essential Oil Diffuser

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This is the basics of a diffuser, low cost, works, looks great. This diffuser has a spa like appearance with a darker grain wood outside, and 7 different light options to set the mood on the top.

It’s a 250 ML water tank that is to be filled, and cleaned of course, that is mixed with the essential oil of your choosing.

It automatically shuts off in order to prevent burning out. You can therefore, place it in the bedroom to promote sleep and not worry about leaving it on or running out of water while the diffuser is on. It is quiet and safe.

Essential oils would have to be purchased, I suggest buying a kit with multiple options rather than individual oils as it will save you money and you can really see which smells work best for you.

A set can be purchased <<<<HERE>>>>. There are 18 different oils you cannot go wrong!

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