Can We Do Climate Change – Eco Anxiety On The Rise

Eco Anxiety has been on the rise as of recently. Climate change, the dying of eco systems, and animal extinction has been taking its toll on human kind.

Our eyes are finally starting to open to the damage we have done and are frantically now attempting to fix our own doing.

Below we will discuss…

  • Eco Anxiety Meaning
  • Global Warming Causes/Effects
  • Can We Do Climate Change?
  • How Can We Reduce Global Warming
  • Natural Anxiety Reducers

Eco Anxiety Definition

Eco anxiety is the anxiety that comes with overly worrying about the environment and ecological disasters.

Eco anxiety stems from the fear that our environment is in danger, due to our own doing over the course of many years. It is The worry about the present state and the future state of our planet.

It is the wasting of material and human kinds wasteful behavior, in disregard to our planet and natural habitat.

It has caused changes in the environment such as global warming, extinction of the white rhinos and endangerment of other animals, and the pollution of our oceans and air quality.

It is all the physical changes from years of damage that are changing the planet, through pollution, extinction of wild life, rise in sea levels and sea temperatures, melting of glaciers, changes in air temperature, garbage infested land and ocean, and extreme weather conditions.

Selfishly, we ignored the issue when it affected our wild life and refused to take action until it started affecting man kind as well and our way of life.

Global Warming Causes/Effects and Eco-Anxiety Contributions

  • Pollution
  • Killing/dying of animals
  • Atmospheric changes and increased temperature
  • Melting of glaciers
  • Plastic in the ocean
  • Non bio-degradable garbage, not recycling, and/or too much garbage
  • Emission and gasses causing temperature changes
  • Green house gases from cars and fossil fuels
  • Rising sea level
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Wild fires

Can We Do Climate Change?

The simple answer to this question is no. The reason people are starting to take more action on this matter and participate in protests is because we need to protect our planet.

The arctic is melting, animals are being extinct, or on the verge of extinction, and polluted air is becoming unbearable.

The thing we have to realize is that everything on this planet is connected, from the soil, to the plants, to the oceans, animals and humans.

Together, when we respect our planet and habitat, it functions very well and everyone and everything gets a chance at life.

Rising sea levels means flooding and extermination of places such as Venice for instance. Extreme weather conditions mean increase in natural disasters that are destroying small island countries like Haiti due to hurricanes or city like New Orleans.

Increased temperature means increased forrest fires like those that have affected the state of California and disrupted so many lives and homes, and have killed so much wild life.

The polluted air is also making people sick with many breathing issues and pulmonary diseases such as asthma, emphysema, and COPD. Very often you can see people in China or Hong Kong walking around wearing face masks because of it.

It is not just our environment that gets disrupted, whether we lose our homes, or our country, or city for that matter, but also our health and our lives are at stake.

Therefore, worrying about our planet is important and the rising anxiety levels with eco anxiety is understandable.

If the rise in temperature doesn’t concern you and you are one of those people that are all for it,due to less snow days and less winter, then maybe you should consider the crop failure that comes along with it.

If we cannot have appropriate climate to grow crops, we cannot eat and therefore we cannot live. Always look at the bigger picture when it comes to eco-anxiety and not just your immediate surroundings.

How Can We Reduce Global Warming?

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle!
  • Switch to electric cars, using public transportation, or walking and bicycle use
  • Cutting emissions
  • Minimize or eliminate use of plastic, no straw, buy britta filter instead of bottled water
  • Stop killing of animals or participation in their death when unnecessary, going vegetarian or vegan
  • Eco-friendly products and bio degradable products that will absorb in the soil
  • Energy efficient appliances and tools
  • Switch to energy efficient light bulbs
  • Plant more trees and plants
  • More conscientious clothing choices like reducing the use of fur and leather, and implementing more hemp fabric
  • Do your research, take one step at a time, and learn to stay calm and less anxious through the process for better focus and productivity

Natural Eco-Anxiety Relief

All Anxiety relief is listed out HERE.

Anxiety is anxiety, whether it is about our environment, social experiences, work, upcoming exams, or unresolved chronic stress levels.

Whatever the root cause of the anxiety is, the end result is the anxiety, which feels more or less the same regardless of cause. The trigger for it changes but the feelings remain the same.

Taking control of your life, anxiety, and stress is so important in order to be a well functioning person with a focused mindset ready to do what it takes to implement changes.

You cannot have the energy or will power to make changes to the environment if your mind is clouded. This is why taking the steps to ease the mind will benefit you and everyone around you, including planet earth.



Eco anxiety is real and so is global warming. We must take action and contribute to a healthier and safer planet. Each person can make a difference. Be the change you wish to see.

People have been negligent in their habitats to bring about the state of the ecological environment to where it is today, but by realizing this, we can also take the steps to fix our problem as well.

It is time to stop ignoring the issue and stop worrying about it but rather, get our mindset right and follow through with appropriate action to contribute to change.

Stressing about the issue will not resolve the issue but taking action can, one individual at a time. Eco anxiety can be managed with multiple tactics that have been listed HERE.

However, making changes to the products we use and the things we consume is also going to make a difference. It is a small price to pay for the bigger picture.


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