Anxiety and the Future – A look into Technological Advancements

Anxiety stems from worry in regard to future events and outcomes. Worry about the future is what anxiety is, whether immediate or near future.

Below we are going to discuss modern advancements and their effects on anxiety. The topics discussed include…

  • Anxiety and Future (How does it all relate)
  • Anxiety and Technology
  • Anxiety and Social Media
  • Anxiety and Virtual Reality

Anxiety and The Future

Anxiety is built on worrying about the unknown. The unknown is centered around future events or situations where the outcome is not known yet.

Therefore, there will be plenty of anxiety regarding the future just like there has always been.

What differentiates us now compared to previous generations is the information overload that we have, based on our technological advancements, that are promoting more anxiety.

In the past during simpler times, people were not as overloaded as to what the future will entail and details on possible events as they are now with the internet age.

This gives people some false ideas and worries that never really existed before. You had one source of information that was given to all, books, news papers, and then radio and television later on.

Now you can find countless information through the web and media sources, various different people and expertise, and through much research articles and studies.

There is advancement in healthcare, naturopathic care, tools and gadgets, studies, classes, and travel that the human mind is absorbing so much more information than it has ever before.

Many things were kept hidden from the public as well previously. There are so many conspiracy theorists now in today’s day and age that it’s no wonder people worry about the future generations and what is to come.

Our minds our filled with so much information and ideas, without us knowing what the real truth is.

With technology and social media advancing so quickly, people are afraid to see what the future will hold and how they will keep up.

Just look at the advancement of a smart phone in such a short time. You have a miniature computer in the palm of your hand.

You can shop, bank, talk to people across the world, read, play games, and so much more from your hand.

Anxiety and Technology

With the Advancement of technology, anxiety has been on the rise. There is a lot more to learn, and a lot more to keep track of with all the advancements that, it may be hard for some to keep up, especially the older generations.

If you have ever heard a parent or grandparent say they are not good with computers, this is why.

Often times, at some point in adulthood, people do not want to learn anything new and want to stick with what they have known and has worked for them for so many years.

However, the only thing constant is change, it is inevitable and it would be in our best interests to continue learning.

Along with the advancements in technology and social media all to bring people together, often times people are left feeling isolated and alone because they are not communicating enough with people in person as they once were.

Somehow the advancement in technology is making people more worrisome and wanting to be more isolated.

Something that is made to make our lives easier, is making people want to do less outside their homes. You had to work more in order to get things done before.

Now, you can get everything you need to get done from the comfort of your own home. You can buy groceries, you can do online banking and pay bills, talk to someone, and get food delivered or even date and meet someone.

Having some work to do actually keeps the mind stimulated and away from sitting and worrying. Having activities and tasks really gives us a purpose and fulfills our minds.

Things get boring when you are handed everything, this is why it is impossible to live a complete stress free life and is also not healthy. Some form of stress and stimuli is important for productivity.

This applies to work too. The more technology makes our jobs easier and the more it gets us to not use our minds, with machines, gadgets, calculators, and computers, the less use there would be for people and the less productivity there would be from us.

The human mind needs stimuli and needs to stay sharp and working, without stimuli, anxiety develops. Anxiety has been higher than ever in the recent years.

Anxiety and Social Media

Social media has played a very big role in the development of depression and anxiety. For one thing, people portray a false happy image most of the time they are online.

It is a highlight reel in which you are showcasing your best self and your accomplishments, all while hiding your struggles and barriers.

This makes onlookers resentful and feel unaccomplished in their own lives as they compare their lives to you. Everyone has struggles and you should not let social media fool you into thinking otherwise.

Bullying is now a constant as well. Once upon a time when you were bullied at school, you went home and would not have to deal with the bullies and the drama.

With the social world there is no escape. People can bully you online once you get home as well and are not afraid to say whatever their heart desires.

Because you can hide behind a computer or phone screen, this enables more people to say whatever they want to others and judge them for what they are doing, wearing, and saying. Something they would not do in person per se.

With what is supposed to be a closer connection, a lot of the friends online are not real friends. People are more distant and in times of need, don’t really have someone to turn to.

A lot of rejection, judgment, and loneliness occurs and this is where so many troubled kids are egged to do these terrorist attacks to their peers.

Anxiety and Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is something that has been on the rise recently. From video gaming to pornography, people are looking for an escape from their everyday lives.

A lot of people on the other hand, are afraid of virtual realities and the idea of it. It is something vastly different and anything that changes your perception and plays with your mind is scary.

This is why virtual reality can cause a lot of anxiety. If people are attached to a virtual world which may seem better and more interesting than their own reality, they can get addicted.

Why not live in a world of your dreams if you can, rather than deal with the problems of your real life?

Perhaps this can even skew your memory to the point that one doesn’t know what is real anymore and what is not.

There can be a positive effect of virtual reality on anxiety as well. If it used in moderation to help put people in a relaxing environment for a period in the day or week, it can help relax the mind.

After all, it is proven that nature, lakes, and oceans all have a positive effect on the mind and stress, a virtual tour of these places can do just the same.

It is always better however, to take the time to go to these places in real life. The exercise you get from walking and hiking is one of the best stress and anxiety relievers there are. Much more beneficial than sitting on your behind and watching it virtually.


It is clear how all these factors can contribute to anxiety. There is so much to know, keep up with, and learn, that maybe over complicating things is really just overstimulating our minds.

It is important to remember that people are naturally social beings and that we thrive on socialization, love, and happiness.

We cannot go back in time and change what is. Technology will continue to advance and social media will not go away. However, We can learn to adapt and take care of our minds in these times.

If you are suffering from anxiety from the fear of the future, social media, technology or virtual reality, a comprehensive list of coping mechanisms can be found <<<HERE>>>.

Anxiety regardless of where it stems from has the same coping mechanism. Take care of your stress and anxiety and regain control of your life before it grows to the point of no control.


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