Anxiety and Coping Skills – Complete list of strategies

There are many coping strategies and skills for anxiety. They vary from easy at home remedies, natural remedies, to professional help. Many of these coping skills have worked on numerous people.

Anxiety symptoms and things to help reduce it differentiate between people. At times a coping strategy that has worked for so long may not work anymore or, one that works for you may not for someone else.

It is therefore important to follow a good comprehensive list of coping strategies so that multiple coping skills can be tried and experimented in order to heal.

Although 10 coping strategies were listed in detail which can be viewed <<HERE>>. More than 10 strategies exist. Therefore, there is a complete list of anxiety coping tools listed below.

Anxiety Coping Skills List

Unhealthy Coping tactics

  • Porn
  • Promiscuous behavior
  • Overeating
  • Over working
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Abusing prescriptions
  • Abusing Drugs
  • Abusing Alcohol
  • Procrastination
  • Withdrawing and depression
  • Self harm and suicide
  • Lack of sleep
  • Under-eating or starving
  • Bullying or being mean to others
  • Forcing and continuing relationships and contact with toxic people
  • Overexertion and overdoing anything
  • Ignoring loved ones, lacking communication with others
  • Partying too much
  • Overspending
  • Over indulgence especially in luxury
  • Avoiding triggers and to the point of losing focus on responsibilities
  • Study and prepare in advance for tests, exams and presentations


Avoid unhealthy coping mechanisms and focus on the healthy ones that will give you long term, positive effects.

As you can see, there are many strategies to try to incorporate into your daily life. When you are seeing signs of struggle and seeking coping mechanisms, utilize these tactics.

Many of the the coping skills listed above, are linked with the product or informative links that help guide you through the coping process. These are very useful, extremely helpful, and conveniently laid out.

Utilize as many as you can to help you through the struggle, barriers, negative thoughts, and anxiety symptoms. Please leave any suggestions on any unmentioned strategies that help ease anxiety below.

Thank you!

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