Anxiety About Anxiety – The Never Ending Rollercoaster

Anxiety is such a terrible feeling to have. For some, they feel it but don’t believe they have it.

For others, they feel it but don’t understand what those feelings actually are and therefore, increase their anxiety in regard to these misunderstood feelings, even further.

Below we discuss…

  • Anxiety – Understanding what it is
  • Why am I Always so Anxious – In depth analysis
  • Anxious About Anxiety
  • Natural Remedies for Anxiety Attacks


Anxiety is a mental state and because of this, its hard for some people to understand it. For those that have suffered from severe enough anxiety to bring upon panic attacks, they know the detrimental effects of this mental disorder.

It can make you feel like you are dying, something is wrong with you, and that you are going to have a heart attack.

Prolonged worry, fear, and stress, result in anxiety. It is that uneasy feeling that gives you physical responses to the continuous untreated and prolonged stress in your life.

Stress is inevitable, you cannot live without stress, the human body is naturally created to deal with it and, some forms of it can be beneficial. It can keep you alert, help you out of danger, trigger focus and discipline.

However, when an unhealthy prolonged period of stress persists, that’s when things can get a little foggy. Many individuals find it hard to cope with their stresses in life and bottle them in, in hopes that these negative thoughts and emotions go away. However, stress and anxiety symptoms cannot be masked.

You cannot simply hope that negative emotions go away without actually dealing with the problem head on.

Dealing with problems takes a lot more effort and time than many people would like to contribute, hence why ignoring problems is so common, until they expand to bigger problems like mental health issues.

Although we cannot stop stress in our life, we can handle how we respond to it. Our response and how we handle stress is ultimately what controls our anxiety. Constant anxiety is tiring, it makes you feel so weak, makes you feel like there is something wrong with you, makes you worry all the time and over think.

Besides mental effects it can have physical effects too, such as stomach pains, heart racing, panic attacks, rashes and more.

Therefore, anxiety is a mental state, a worry, stress, fear, and negative thought process accumulated overtime from holding emotions in and not facing the problems that are causing these negative feelings.

It is a response to prolonged stress which is a natural and mandatory feeling to experience in life, but is not addressed properly in order to turn these negative feelings to either positive or neutral ones.

Why Am I Always so Anxious

The reason why people are so anxious all the time stems from unresolved stress.

Whether there is a trigger for the anxiety such as large crowds, public speaking, too much attention, or, whether the anxiety is from multiple stresses and worries combined together to make you anxious overall, the end result is that the anxiety has taken over your life.

If you are feeling anxious all the time, it is because your anxiety and the root cause, or causes, have not been resolved.

Anxiety does not go away on its own and takes a lot of internal work and self care tactics to overcome. If the same problems that caused the anxiety persist and you are dealing with them on a regular basis, the anxiety will still continue.

Some things cannot be changed however. If your mother causes you a lot of anxiety, at the end of the day she is still your mother and that cannot be changed.

The way you respond to her can change, and the way you handle situations with her can change. If what you have been doing thus far has not worked, it is time to try new methods.

Other factors can be changed and should be. If a job is sucking the soul out of you and making you completely miserable inside and out, other jobs are available, you don’t have to stay with that one job. The problem lies in comfort.

The comfort zone is where people find it hard to make necessary changes because they fear the change. Overthinking and negative thoughts persist, and the decision to make the appropriate change to better your life seems more like a dream than an actual goal.

Often times we mask these negative emotions as well rather than facing them head on. From extreme measures such as abusing drugs and alcohol to subtle measures that you would not connect to being a defense mechanisms to anxiety such as, procrastination and passive aggressive attitudes.

The most important thing is to realize this and validate those feelings, and then work to fix them for the sake of your mental health.

Anxious About Anxiety

Because anxiety is hard to sometimes differentiate from other sicknesses and from natural responses to stress, people tend to let their anxiety linger.

This lingering persists and grows and plays with your mind. You start to question everything, even your own feelings of anxiety.

Knowing you have these feelings can further your anxiety just by allowing yourself to feel them and knowing that something is wrong.

Now you are stressing about having anxiety, what you are feeling, and what you do not want to feel. Therefore, having added worry to the already existing anxiety and progressing it.

Sometimes the root cause of the anxiety is not clear some people as it has been happening for so long but they know that what they are feelings is anxiety and that it is a terrible feeling they do not want to feel.

It can feel overwhelming at times because you have let so many of your issues, problems, and fears pile on, that you do not even know where to begin to resolve them.

However, you recognize when you are anxious and you know how bad this feeling can be and that is what you start to focus on.

Now that you are focusing on these anxiety symptoms, you are psychic yourself out even further because you are solely focusing on these symptoms and negative emotions from anxiety and putting blame on anxiety as a whole, making yourself even more worked up, but disregarding the initial root cause of the anxiety in the first place.

Anxiety about anxiety is only there because you know how anxiety feels and you don’t want to feel it. Just like with an injury, if you have ever broken a bone you know you don’t want to break another bone because it hurts and nobody wants to be in pain.

When you break this bone however, you re-evaluate some choices you made that got you into that position. When it comes to anxiety though, people do not re-evaluate as much as if feelings don’t hold the same value that pain does.

Even though we have come a long way with mental health, we still hold prejudices and preconceived notions for it and still think these feelings are not serious.

Natural Remedies for Anxiety Attacks

Natural remedies for anxiety are all listed HERE. It is important to note that taking care of your anxiety takes a lot of time and effort, it is not an overnight or a week process.

The anxiety was built from years of worry and lack of stress management and therefore recovery will take several methods from the list that would best suit you, along with time.

Click the link listed here for our article on the various methods for overcoming anxiety.



Anxiety is tricky. It takes a lot of self reflection and perseverance to overcome. It takes a lot of different methods and tactics to overcome. It also takes a lot of time and persistence.

It is important to note that you do not have to feel anxiety, it is not a permanent state and you can work to overcome, or significantly reduce it so that it is not controlling your life and every move daily tasks.

Don’t let anxiety take over your life and let these feelings persist. Do not let anxiety build to the point where you fear the symptoms of anxiety, but not addressing them.

There are many natural ways to reduce anxiety that don’t need medical attention.

If you are feeling these symptoms, take the initiative to try these methods before the anxiety takes over you, and causes you severe disruption in your life processes and leads to heart attacks, strokes, panic disorders and other physical diseases.


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