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Welcome to The Anxiety Free Life. This is a platform designed to help you battle anxiety and anxiety symptoms so that you can cope.

A platform that helps those that do not know how to help themselves in regards to anxiety, worry, and stress.


I am a registered nurse set out to help those suffering from stress and anxiety. My need to help those around me has been prominent from a young age. Always selfless and willing to listen, with keen observation skills and critical analysis, nursing seemed like the perfect avenue to take.

Anxiety has always been a part of my life, and throughout my life and career.  Throughout my career I have learned it has been a big part of many peoples lives, whether they recognize it as anxiety yet or not, as some have not accepted the notion that they may have anxiety.

I come from a war torn country. My Experience with anxiety started in my childhood before I knew what anxiety was and how it was affecting me because of this.

Dealing with so many traumatic events, I had little idea as to how this would affect me for the rest of my life and ultimately, that it really was taking its toll on me throughout my life span.

I came to Canada at the age of 6. New culture, new language, new lifestyle. I had to learn and develop in a country where my parents and I had no one to turn to in a time of need. This was survival mode for us.

My parents had to push me to be the best version of myself and fight through all obstacles and continue to better myself through an education and a career.

A career that would allow me to be independent and be able to survive if anything was to happen to them and I was left with no one.

Once I got into nursing, a career I believed would be my ultimate way to help people in a time of need and crisis , my goal in life became more and more evident. I needed to help others, I wanted to see other people feel relaxed, confident, and smile.

Working as a nurse I have clients and also their families who may or may not be experiencing a lot of pain. This is a period where people are most vulnerable and feel the most weak…laying in a hospital bed.

What I loved the most and which I did not gain enough of in nursing was helping people handle life stresses that would ultimately lead to anxiety and depression on a long term basis.

Nursing was great to help people cope once the problem was already evident, but it was not enough in order to prevent these anxious feelings before they got to a problematic level.


Nursing was not enough and I wanted to do more.  I wanted a platform that people can access that may be experiencing signs of anxiety and stress before anyone knew how they felt.

Nursing has helped guide me in ways where I can guide others in their coping management but, I wanted to reach those people who’s anxiety may not have advanced to that level as well.

Theanxietyfreelife.com has paved a way for me to help anyone and everyone through a specific and engaging community. As  a nurse there is a lot of tasks and orders to be completed and sometimes there is not enough time to go over all the possible treatment options based on one’s needs.

That’s why theanxietyfreelife.com was created. A feeling that virtually everyone has felt at some point in their lives, that has had negative outcomes, that needed t0 be  further explored.

Anxiety is something everyone has felt at some point or another. It is something that many people experience constantly on a daily or weekly basis.

I have spoken to so many people throughout my life and career who are suffering from it and some who continue to deny their signs and symptoms.

Perhaps if they could receive information through an online site and not discuss it with loved ones, it would help them to break the stigma, open their minds and realize the possibilities of treatment options.

It is so prominent in our everyday lives that we think it is a normal part of who we are and our personality.

You may have even been told “why are you stressed?” “It could be worse” or “everybody is stressed and anxious.” These statments make you feel like you are alone and you are not being heard.

One thing is for sure, I do not believe people have to feel like this every day.  There are ways to manage anxiety and stress and keep it under control so that it’s not ruining your life, jobs, friendships, relationships and your happiness. There is nothing more important in life than to be happy and healthy, all else can follow.

Money comes and goes, career can change, friendships and relationships can end. Your internal happiness will ultimately shine through in everything you do and in your health as well.


The goal at theanxietyfreelife.com is to assist people in dealing with their anxiety and taking control of their life again. It is a safe place where you do not have to feel alone.

It is a community where you can be heard and you can get the help and relief you need that is not just hospital or clinic based with a psychiatrist.

Anxiety is not just about taking prescription medications but so much more than that. There are various forms of stress relief and it takes YOU to take the step in the right direction. A direction leading to healing, accepting, letting go, and prospering.

We are all responsible for validating our feelings. No psychiatrist or psychologist can change your mindset and know exactly what is in your mind. With the Guidance of a sufferer and a professional like myself, I can guide you through different means of coping.

Coping that can be attained on your own terms, at home, and away from the dreaded doctors office if that is the option you choose.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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